Change For the Better

I cannot believe that there is only one week left in my first year of college. As the year comes to a close there have been some changes that have occurred, some exciting events, and news.

After a lot of thought I have decided to change my major. The whole year I was confident in my decision of pursuing a music education degree; my J-term practicum even further reaffirmed this decision. About halfway through the semester I talked with Dr. Hester, my advisor and also private flute instructor, about registration for next year and she brought up some concerns that the music department had with me becoming a music major. She said that I could still pursue a music major it was just that I was behind in some of the fundamentals and benchmarks that I should be at by this point. After this conversation I thought a lot about what I really wanted to do—I just want to be a teacher, that is all I have ever wanted to be; I had never dreamed of being a band director until recently. When I was little my favourite game to play was school. I would pretend to teach my brother and make worksheets for him to do or pretend that my stuffed animals were students and teach them math as I worked on my homework. I do not think I would be any happier as a music teacher than as an elementary teacher, so I decided that switching my major to Elementary Education was probably the best choice. I was able to switch advisors and sign up for all the classes I needed for my new major. I am thankful for Dr. Hester’s honesty and for all of the support and help I have received as I have made this transition.

Along with changing my major I also turned a year older. This past Tuesday, May 2nd, was my birthday. I did not know what to expect for my birthday because I would not be at home. I had to work and I did not make any plans, however, my friends surprised me by throwing me a surprise birthday party! I had a blast at the surprise party, it was one of my best birthdays for sure! Thank you to everyone who surprised me at my party and shoutout to Erin (my roommate) who organized it all!

This past week I got the exciting news that I was accepted to a J-term study abroad program for J-term 2018. In the middle of April I auditioned for the Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa J-term program. During this J-term program, a choir of 24 Luther students will travel to Namibia and South Africa to participate in a choral exchange. We will prepare choral pieces from the choral tradition in the West and work with a choir in Namibia and South Africa to learn their style of choral music, present concerts, sing in worship services, go to hospitals, and sing in informal settings. As part of the J-term program we will also visit significant cultural and historical sights in these countries. I have always loved to travel and experience new cultures and places; I took my first vacation when I was only a few months old. I am so excited for J-term 2018 and this combination of my love of traveling and music.

This year has been great. As I reflect on this year I know I made the right decision to attend Luther, it is definitely the right place for me. I am so thankful for all the relationships I have made, experiences I have had, and everything that I have learned this year. I have grown a lot as a person and cannot wait to continue growing and learning next year.

All of these beautiful people surprised me with a party for my birthday. I could not be more thankful for each and every one of them (as well as the people who came to celebrate but had to leave early). I had a great birthday—it was definitely one of the best parties I've ever had.

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