Five Reasons to Smile

This past week at Luther College was Happiness Week. Student Senate planned Happiness Week where student organizations came forth to sponsor events and activities to bring smiles to people's faces. Some of these events included handing out free bubbles, coloring, planting a flower, and playing bingo. These events made the week go by a lot faster and made it more enjoyable. In honor of Happiness Week I thought I would share five things at Luther that make me smile.

1. People holding doors for me. Here at Luther people are really friendly and many times will hold the door open for you. It makes me smile to see people being so polite. I think that this one one of the things that makes the Luther community so great!

2. Strangers saying hi to me as I walk to class. As I am walking to class each day, there is never a shortage of “Hellos” and “How are you's?" Both good friends and strangers will say hi as I am walking to class, and sometimes it is as simple as a smile. These greetings never fail to brighten my day and bring a smile to my face.

3. The beauty on campus. The Luther campus is so beautiful. Now that spring is here the daffodils are blooming and so are the trees. This week as I have been walking around campus, I have really noticed and appreciated all the beauty! The beauty is only going to get better as I have noticed that Luther had recently planted a lot of new trees which will only add to the beauty of Luther's campus in the years to come.

4. Random acts of kindness. The people at Luther are so kind. Random acts of kindness are abundant. One time a group of students wrote inspirational and motivational quotes on sticky notes and put them on the mirrors in all the bathrooms in Brandt. During midterms and finals there are always many groups of students offering motivation in some way and doing kind things for other people. Today I got a message in my SPO that said “Keep Smiling." I do not know who the message is from, but it made me smile!

5. Music. Music is abundant here at Luther. Listening to music, making music, and being around music makes me happy. In addition to this past week being Happiness Week, it was also a week filled with many concerts. Cathedral Choir, Cantorei, Luther Ringers, Collegiate Choral, Aurora, Norsemen, and Jazz Band all had a concert. I loved watching these groups perform! Each group made beautiful music and gave me chills. The concerts were breathtakingly beautiful and were all spectacular. I also had so much fun performing with Aurora and Norsemen. It was so fun to be on stage and share our music with the audience that we had spent the whole year working on.

Happiness Week was a success. As my first year at Luther is quickly coming to a close I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my first-year experience. Not every day here at Luther has been amazing or perfect, but everyday I find at least one good reason to smile.

I went to check my SPO this morning (student post office box) and found this inside. It instantly made me smile! Thank you to who ever is responsible for this random act of kindness.
As part of Happiness Week there was Bingo and Mocktails in Marty's. I enjoyed playing Bingo and drinking the delicious Mocktails.

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