A Spring Vacation All Around the Midwest

It’s Spring Break! It is so hard to believe that spring semester is already halfway over. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm room, a shy first-year student excited to begin life at Luther. This year has been great, and I am so thankful for all of the experiences I have had at Luther.

So far spring break has been great! I started off by staying at my aunt's house and then I celebrated Christmas in March with my family at my Grandma’s house. There was not a date that worked for all my family to celebrate Christmas until March. The Christmas celebration was fun! There was a lot of good food, good company, and a gift exchange (I got an owl clock that will be finding a special place in my dorm room). While I was staying with my aunt we went to a St. Patrick's Day parade in Waukon, Iowa. It was fun to see how much candy you could collect. After the parade we got some dinner at T-Bocks in Decorah and then went to play Bingo in Ossian, Iowa at an elementary school. At bingo each round was a different type of bingo; these rounds ranged from regular bingo to making a champagne glass. The variety made bingo more fun. I won a $2 certificate to spend at the bingo concessions and my grandma won the consolation prize for the jackpot. All in all it was a successful night of bingo.

For the next part of break I went on a trip with my friends. We went to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells and then went to one of my friends houses in Madison (this was my first time in Wisconsin).The Wilderness had a lot of indoor water parks that were a lot of fun! My favorite ride was Hurricane. This ride was an inner tube ride made for four people. The  ride starts off slowly, but then there is a huge drop and you go up and down the sides of the slide. To really make you feel like you were in the center of the storm, it was dark and there were a lot of flashing lights; it was scary, but also a lot of fun. While we were in Wisconsin Dells we ate dinner at Buffalo Phil's (the food was really good!). This restaurant is special because your food is served to you via a train (at times when the train is not serving food it blows bubbles!). After our time at the Wilderness, my friends and I drove to Madison. We went to State Street and saw the capitol building as well as did some shopping. Afterwards we had a nice relaxing evening at my friend’s house. What surprised me the most about Wisconsin was its natural beauty and amount of lakes and rivers  that dotted its landscape.

For the remainder of my break I visited my friend Vinh’s house in New Prague, Minnesota. He showed me around his hometown, and we spent a lot of time doing some homework and relaxing. We also went to the Mall of America. It was fun to shop in such a big mall. While we were at the Mall of America we did the Fly Over America ride that simulates a paragliding adventure over America. The scenery was breathtaking and there was even wind and water blowing in your face that made the simulation  feel all too real (so cool!). It has been a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable break, but I am excited to head back to Luther and finish strong this semester.

A picture of the Wisconsin Capitol building that I took while on State Street in Madison.

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