Finding Where You Fit

As the time to make a college decision draws near, many prospective students visit Luther's campus to help them make their decision. I thought I would write about how I made my decision to come to Luther about a year ago.

Deciding what to do after graduating high school is one of the hardest and most important decisions you will have to make in your life. It’s important that you find the college or option that is the right fit for you. The college search is such a long process that I could probably write a whole book about it, but I only have 500 words so I am going to focus on the one thing that helped me the most in making that decision: communication.

Communication was the most helpful and powerful tool that helped me through the whole college decision process. Talking to my mom and my high school guidance counselor helped me to sort through the piles of college mail and to figure out which colleges I was interested in. Talking to others about what I was thinking also helped me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life: I want to be a music teacher. Knowing what you want to do can make the college search easier because you can look into colleges that excel in your chosen field. If you don’t know what you want to do, it’s okay, you have plenty of time to decide and any college you go to will give you the education you need.

One of the best ways to find out what a college is like is to talk to current students. You can do this by visiting the campus. Usually when you visit campus you get a tour led by a current student and then get the chance to talk with an admissions counselor. I had the opportunity to visit Luther’s campus and stay overnight in a dorm room; the students who hosted me were very great at answering any questions I had and in showing me what life at Luther was really like. My admissions counselor at Luther, Lauren, was also a ton of help. Lauren lives in Colorado (just like me!) and was a great person to talk to whenever I had questions about Luther and the college process. Lauren had set up a dinner with all the Colorado seniors and current Luther students from Colorado so that we could get all of our questions answered. During this process, ask any and all questions that you have, no question is too small, too weird, or unimportant. Ask away!

Once I had my college search narrowed down to two schools, both of which I had already applied and been accepted to, communication became even more vital to selecting just the right college for me. The day I made my decision, I had been talking with my high school private flute instructor about the music programs at both schools. I decided that the music program at Luther would be the best fit. On the drive home I started to compare Luther and CSU. In every category I found that Luther won. By the end of that 30 minute drive I had made my decision, Luther was the school for me. All the conversations I have had with my parents, teachers, friends, counselors, and students helped me to sort out my thoughts and feelings. For those of you reading this who are prospective students, good luck with your college search, I hope you find the right fit for you! And remember, communication is key!

While I was visiting Luther's campus last year, I took this "belfie" (a picture in front of the Luther Bell). That visit influenced my decision to come to Luther because campus felt like home.

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