Dorm Sweet Dorm

Around one year ago I made my decision to attend Luther College. I had sent in my deposit and was counting down the days until moved in. During this time last year, I often wondered what college would be like. Many questions were going through my head-- questions like: What residence hall will I be living in? Who will be my roommate? Will I get along with my roommate? How does the housing process work? Having completed a full fall semester, a J-term course, and now being a month into the 2017 spring semester here at Luther, I feel capable of answering question like these in my blog.

Finding out where you will be living during your first year at college is an exciting process! Once you have decided which college you will be attending, you can begin the process of figuring out where you will live for the upcoming school year. At Luther, once you've made your deposit, you can begin filling out a housing application. This form asks questions about your personality and your preference for which residence hall you would like to live in. Luther has three first-year residence halls. You will receive an email in late July with your housing assignment. The housing application asks questions about your living habits and personality so that Residence Life can match you with a roommate (if you know someone else who is going to Luther you can request them as your roommate if you would like). It is important that you are honest when filling out the housing application; this allows for a better roommate match to be made. Residence Life does a great job matching roommates. Very few people I know at Luther have had roommate conflicts.

Brandt Hall. My favorite part about Brandt is its location. As a music major, I spend a lot of time in Jenson-Noble Hall of Music. Brandt is right next to Jenson-Noble. It takes me around three minutes to walk from my room to my class in the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music. I am in a double room, so I share my room with one other person. However, while at Luther I have had two roommates because the roommate I had fall semester decided to transfer to another school. I got along with my first roommate very well. We had similar personalities and were practically inseparable during the first couple weeks of fall semester. Luther did a great job matching us as roommates; I was sad to see her go. Because of some unique circumstances one of my friends needed a new roommate starting J-term. Because my roommate had transfered, I agreed to let my friend move into my room. I get along well with my current roommate. I am thankful for both of the roommates I have had here at Luther. They have both made my small dorm room feel like home and have been there for me when I needed them.

I live on the third floor of Brandt. Sometimes the stairs can get tiring, but I would not have it any other way. I love the small community on my floor. Some of my floor-mates have become my closest friends. The residence assistants on my floor are amazing. They plan fun floor events like a girls night in, movie night, whippy walk, and floor breakfasts that have helped the girls on my floor get to know one another better. The residence assistants on my floor are accessible and approachable. They are easy to talk to, and I know that if I ever need anything, I can walk down the hall and knock on their door.

I was nervous about living in a dorm room and sharing a dorm room with a roommate. For me it has all turned out well. Luther does a great job matching roommates. The residence assistants are a great resource and truly help the make Brandt Hall feel like home.

This is what my side of my dorm room looks like.

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