A Perfect Day in Decorah

Spring semester has begun. I am excited for another semester of learning and growing as a person and as a musician. Between J-term and the start of spring semester, Luther had a short break known as J-break. I stayed at Luther during the break. A couple of my friends also stayed on campus during the break, so campus did not feel so lonely. Unfortunately, I was sick for most of the time and was not able to do a lot. However, I was able to spend the first day exploring Decorah!

My friends and I used the first day of break as an opportunity to go explore downtown Decorah since we hadn't been downtown very much. We walked from campus to downtown, which took about 20 minutes. Our first stop when we got to Water Street was the Vesterheim Museum. The Vesterheim is a Norwegian-American heritage museum. The King of Norway has even come to Decorah to visit it! We saw a lot of beautiful hand-carved wooden furniture and learned about Norwegian culture. There were also opportunities to dress up. As Luther students, we were given free admission to the Vesterheim. The museum is definitely worth the walk.

After the Vesterheim, we decided to warm up and head to one of the local coffee shops: Java John's. I don't actually like coffee, so I ordered apple cider instead—it ended up becoming the best apple cider I've ever had! Java John's has a really nice atmosphere and ambiance. I can see why a lot of Luther students like to study there.

Our next stop was the Oneota Food Co-Op to get some ingredients to make soup. Most of the food at the Co-Op is organic, local, and all in good quality. The Co-Op is a great place to buy healthy food.

The highlight of our adventure downtown was our stop at the Clay Studio. The Clay Studio is a place where you can go and paint pottery. I painted a heart-shaped jewelry box. It was so fun to do something creative and spend quality time with good friends. The people who work at the Clay Studio are super friendly. I cannot wait to go pick up my jewelry box when it is ready. The Clay Studio is so much fun. I am sure I will go again.

After our adventure around Decorah, my friends and I made some delicious soup for dinner and had a movie night. It was a perfect day in Decorah.

I ran into some princesses at the Vesterheim and could not resist taking a picture with them.
I'm painting a clay heart-shaped jewelry box at the Clay Studio. I can't wait to see how it turned out!
On our walk back to campus after our day in Decorah the sun was setting. It was so beautiful that I had to take a picture.

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