Five Things I Learned During J-Term

As J-term is coming to a close I have been reflecting on my experience this J-term. Five things I have learned are:

1. I want to teach music. My experience in the First-Year teaching practicum has reaffirmed my decision to become a music educator. I learned a lot from my teaching placement. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed teaching the younger kids more than the older ones.

2. Friends are the family you choose. During this J-term, my friends and I have had quite a bit of free-time and have spent that time hanging out with each other. I am shocked at how close I have become with these people. I depend on them for a lot and we have become a family away from our own family.

3. Weather in Iowa is extreme. From ice-storms to 40 degrees in January, this month has had a lot of extreme weather. I expected the winter to be very cold. My mom grew up in this area, so I was expecting negative temperatures with wind chill for the whole month of January. The first week was like this, but then it started to warm up. There were some days when it was above 40 degrees, and it got so hot in my room that I had to open the window! The snow even started to melt. Once, while driving home from school, it started downpouring! This weather is unusual for Iowa this time of year, and it just goes to show how real climate change is.

4. It's important to be flexible. With all the crazy weather and school cancellations, plans changed a lot, both inside the classroom and out. Life is constantly changing and being flexible can help you succeed, especially as a teacher.

5. I love to learn! Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that I love learning and expanding my perspective of the world. My J- term experience made me excited to take all my methods courses and learn all there is to know about teaching music. I am so excited for the years to come and all the learning I will get to experience. I have been told that as a teacher you never stop learning- if that's the case, I can't wait to start my career!

This has been a great J-term, full of memorable nights with friends and lots of learning. Now for a relaxing break and a fantastic spring semester.

The 6th thing I learned was how to play the Cello. One afternoon one of my friends started teaching me how to play the Cello. It was so fun to learn something new and make some beautiful sounds!

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