This Weekend was ...Wait for it...Legndary

This past weekend has been fun-filled and just a little bit crazy. The weather was like nothing I have experienced before. There was an extra 1,100 or more people on campus this weekend and there were some fun events.

Saturday night I attended B.O.M.B (Brandt Open Mic Night Bar) where I watched people perform and spend a great evening with friends. My roommate performed and sang a song from the musical Hamilton. She did a fantastic job! It was so fun to watch her and all the other talented people at Luther perform. The RAs made some awesome decorations and they even served some mocktails. Top Banana, an improv group on campus, was the MC and they were hilarious! After B.O.M.B I spent some time in the social lounge playing Uno with friends! All in Saturday was a great night.

Sunday was the beginning of the Dorian Vocal festival at Luther. High School student from all around the Midwest came to Luther to be a part of an honor choir. There were about 1,100 high school student in campus for Dorian, most of them stayed on campus Sunday night because the Dorian Grand Concert when the Honor Choir performed was on Monday. There were two students here for Dorian who stayed in my room. They were really nice and I enjoyed showing them what college is like at Luther.

On Sunday night there was a concert for the students attending Dorian that Aurora and Norsemen performed in along with an invited high school choir. I thought that Aurora had a great performance and  sounded great. When Norsemen performed they took some time to honor Weston Noble by singing a Scandinavian song and using his name as a lyric. The audience sang along the with Norsemen during the chorus. I thought it was a nice tribute to the late Weston Noble who has done so much for Luther. Being involved in the Dorian Vocal Festival was a lot of fun. The only downside was the long lines in the Caf!

Sunday night was the start of some crazy weather. An ice storm started and there was ice everywhere. As a music education major, during J-term I am doing a practicum at a local school. School was canceled on both Monday and Tuesday because of the ice. Since we couldn't go to our schools, the teachers for our seminar on Friday gave us assignments to do during our snow days. Two of my friends are in the same education practicum, so we did our assignments together and hung out for the rest of the day.

The assignments went by quickly and it felt like a four-day weekend. As much as I enjoyed sleeping in and hanging out with my friends, I really missed being in the classroom and missed the students. I am so excited to be going back to school tomorrow (and as an added bonus, I get to sleep in because there is a two-hour delay).

The ice storm was so bad that a lot of the schools here for Dorian could not go home on Monday night, as they had planned. The schools who could not get home spent another night on campus. Luther did a great job of salting and sanding the sidewalks around campus to make sure everyone could get to class safe. That being said, there was still little patches of ice on the sidewalks and I slipped one morning when I was on my way to breakfast.

It’s been a great weekend and I cannot wait for more weekends spent with friends like this one. I hope you all stayed safe from the weather and enjoyed any extra days off you may of had.

A photo from Dorian rehearsal. All these students were here from various states in the Midwest.

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