It's Good to be Back

I am so happy to be back at Luther after a the holiday break. Over the break I went back home to Colorado for the first time since I came to Luther. While I was there I celebrated the holidays with my family, hung out with some of my old high school friends, and spent good quality time with my family. I had a great break, but I missed being on campus and seeing the friends I have made here at Luther.  

    A lot of people ask me how I got to and from Campus. For this break I flew out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport to Denver. One of my friends who lives in the cities gave me a ride. I ended up changing my flight and gave my mom a nice surprise by getting home two days earlier than she expected.To get back to campus from the airport I took the shuttle service that Luther offers. I was a little bit nervous about finding where the shuttle leaves from the airport because my plane landed in terminal 2, but the directions on the website were from terminal 1. I went to  the information desk at the airport and asked someone and found the shuttle easily. Luckily I had no major problems traveling to and from campus and it was nice and easy.

I am back to campus a little bit earlier than some of my friends who go to other schools because of Luther’s J-Term. During J-term everyone takes one 4-credit class. J-term is a time to take a class that interests you. It lets you explore classes outside of your major or in my case, some experiential learning. I am taking an education class for J-term. It is the first practicum in the education program. I am in a school Monday-Thursday observing and helping a teacher and then on Fridays there is a seminar where we have discussions about our experiences and how people learn. The class is designed to help us decide if we want to be teachers. I am in a school about 45 minutes south of Luther. The teacher I am under teaches 5th grade band, 6th grade band, and middle school band and each one of her students has a lesson once a week. I have had two days in the classroom so far and it has been an amazing experience.

So far the best part about J-term has been not having a lot of homework (that is slowly starting to change) so I have been able to spend a lot of quality time with my friends.  My roommate and I have watched a Harry Potter movie every night before bed (tonight’s the 5th movie); it has been nice to not have homework to stress about. It’s been chilly the past couple of weeks, but I never feel cold surrounded by the warmth and friendliness of the people on campus.

My friends and I hanging out after the first week of J-term classes was over.

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