Christmas At Luther 2016

As a part of the first year women's choir I performed in Christmas at Luther just over a week ago. Much of November was spent preparing for Christmas at Luther. During Christmas At Luther week, there was not much time for anything besides Christmas at Luther, homework or sleep. The week of Christmas at Luther was one of the busiest and also one of the best weeks that I have had.

For those of you who do not know what Christmas at Luther is, it is a festival of music celebrating Christmas. Christmas at Luther is also a worship service, so most of the music is religious and there is no clapping until the end of the performance (there was a lot of coughing between songs, some of my friends theorize that the audience coughed to show their appreciation). All of the six choirs perform along with the Luther College Symphony Orchestra and the Luther Ringers. During the performance there are a few mass pieces that are performed by the choirs and Orchestra as well as solo pieces performed by each group. Christmas At Luther 2016: Out of Darkness Light will be broadcast on some radio stations and CD’s will be available for purchase learn more about how you can experience Christmas at Luther here.

My favorite part of performing in Christmas at Luther was doing the candle lighting piece. This year that piece was Still Still Night. The orchestra has a beautiful into and when the choirs start to sing a candle is lit and then passed to everyone else in the choirs. The Center For Faith and Life is dark and then is filled with light. The candles are so visually pleasing and the music is breathtaking. I will never get tired of the candle lighting at Christmas at Luther. I do not think I have ever been apart of something as beautiful as the candle lighting during Christmas at Luther. Every piece that was performed at Christmas at Luther was stunning it was such an amazing event to be a part of. I can’t wait for Christmas at Luther 2017!

Christmas at Luther is not only special because of the music. Christmas at Luther such a big deal because it brings together to celebrate the advent and holiday season through music. The pictures you see of the stage at Christmas at Luther are missing some performers. During each mass songs there are choirs that line the aisles in the audience, you can’t see these choirs in a lot of the pictures. Audience participation is a part of Christmas At Luther; the audience and choirs sing carols accompanied by the Orchestra. With more than a thousand people in the audience and around 600 performers the CFL main hall is packed and the carols sound amazing. With all those people everyone experiences the music in their own unique way and gets something different out of it and I find that so incredible.

During Christmas at Luther I grew closer to some of my closest friends, grew closer to God, and grew as a musician. Christmas at Luther was one of the best experiences that I have had. I hope you all can experience it in one way or another.

Aurora performing "O Magnum Mysterium" from the balcony in the CFL
This was taken during the Candle lighting it gives you a great view of how many people are involved in Christmas At Luther.
This is a close up of what the candle lighting looked like from the balcony! It is one of my favorite pictures taken during Christmas At Luther.

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