My Third Home

Happy holidays ; only  days 12 until Christmas! I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and family. Luther was recently on break from Thanksgiving. During  Thanksgiving break I stayed with my Aunt, who lives thirty minutes from campus. Over the break I was able to get into the holiday spirit, see new part of Iowa, and explore a little bit of Decorah.

While my Aunt was working on the day before Thanksgiving I spent the day with my cousins. We made cookies, played games and just spent time being cousins. My favourite cookie that we made was a Ritz Cracker Cookie. To make them you take a Ritz Cracker spread some peanut butter on it, then put another cracker on top and dip it in melted almond bark. They taste just like girl scout cookies! The rest of the day was spent preparing desserts for Thanksgiving.

Every year I enjoy watching the parade and dog show on thanksgiving. Luckily my Aunt's family does too and I was able to continue this tradition. Everyone contributed something so our Thanksgiving feast: my grandma made the meat, my Aunt made the stuffing, one of my cousins made the mashed potatoes, another cousin made some casseroles, and we all made a dessert. We had a great meal and Thanksgiving was fantastic overall.

On Black Friday I did some shopping at Walmart in Decorah with my Aunt and her family. I found some good deals on DVDs! While driving back to my Aunt’s house we decided to stop by the Decorah Fish Hatchery because I had never been there before and they thought I should see it. The fish hatchery has a lot of fish. You can get fish food for a quarter and feed all of the fish. It was really fun to feed the smaller fish because there were so many of them in one space and they all rushed towards the food. When feeding the small fish you cannot stand too close to them or else you might get splashed a little. It was so fun to discover a new part of Decorah! There were some huge fish also and it was nice to watch them swim. After that we spent some time playing spoons and getting out some christmas decorations.

My Grandma made plans to go Amish Shopping on Saturday. Sense I had never been and all of the girls in my Aunt’s family were going I decided to tag along. We went to a town called Oelwein, Iowa and the surrounding towns where there are some Amish. The Amish have a variety of stores. We visited a grocery store, a couple of bakeries, some knick-knack stores, and a bulk grocery store. Amish stores are nice because they have low prices, however, if you are shopping for groceries be sure to check the expiration date of the foods you think about buying because I saw a lot of expired items when I was there. Some of the stores have some really nice handmade windchimes, wooden furniture, woven rugs, and other handmade items. Amish shopping is kind of like thrift shopping, if you look hard enough you can find some really nice items for a cheap price. I ended up with some great purchases. After a long day of shopping we stopped at a nice cafe in Oelwein for some dinner before heading home.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving Break with my Aunt and her family. Her house is now added to my list of places I call home; this list also includes my home in Colorado and my home here at Luther. I hope you had as enjoyable of a thanksgiving as I did and that you have a fantastic holiday season.

This a picture of me Feeding the fish at the Decorah Fish Hatchery.

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