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This is a picture I took when on campus for ROAD in the summer of 2016 as I was preparing to come to Luther. ROAD days take place during the summer and help Luther students with registration, orientation, and advising. There are also opportunities to meet your new classmates and socialize with them. I even met my roommate for the first time at ROAD (although we did not know that we would be roommates).

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To The Luther Class of 2021

When I was preparing to go to college, I read a blog post on the Luther website that was a letter adressed to the Luther Class of 2020. I was inspired by the memory of reading that post and decided to write my own letter, but to the class of 2021. I cannot wait to welcome the class of 2021 in the fall! Read about my experience getting ready to go to college and my advice on how to have a positive first-year Luther experience.

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I went to check my SPO this morning (student post office box) and found this inside. It instantly made me smile! Thank you to who ever is responsible for this random act of kindness.

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Five Reasons to Smile

This past week at Luther College was Happiness Week. Read about some of the activies planned throughout happiness week and the reason I smile at Luther all year long.

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The view at the beginning of one of the trails in Phelps Park!

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Spring Adventures

It is finally spring! Now that there has been some nice weather in Decorah, I have been taking some time to go outside and explore Decorah some more. I have gone hiking on some of Decorah's many trails over the last few weekends with my cousins and my aunt. Read about my adventures in Decorah and see some of the sights I saw.

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One Tuesday after a long night of work, I was given this coupon for working hard and being voted MVP by the Caf staff.

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Typical Tuesday

Have you ever wondered what a "typical day" is like for a college student? Or how a college schedule is different than a high school shcedule? If you ansewred yes to etheir of those questions, then this is the blog post for you! Read about what a "typical day" at Luther is like for me.

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A picture of the Wisconsin Capitol building that I took while on State Street in Madison.


A Spring Vacation All Around the Midwest

This spring break I traveled all around the Midwest from Iowa, to Wisconsin, and Minnesota (it was my first time in Wisconsin). Read about what I did in each of these states and the fun vacation I had here in the Midwest.

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After we dove into the pool, my friends and I decided to take a quick picture. We were all so relieved to have turned in our paper and be having fun and relaxing in the pool.


Research, Write, Repeat, Relax

This past week has been stressful because I had a research paper due in Paidea. Read about what I learned from the research process and how I celebrated after turning in my paper.

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While I was visiting Luther's campus last year, I took this "belfie" (a picture in front of the Luther Bell). That visit influenced my decision to come to Luther because campus felt like home.


Finding Where You Fit

There have been a lot of prospective students visiting campus reccently. Read about how around this time last year I made my decision to come to Luther and what helped me the most in making that important decision.

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