The one thing you should NOT say to a soon to be graduate

The dreaded question: “What are you doing after graduation?” We’d hoped we had hear the last of it after starting college, but four years later it is back! And guess what...Some of us still don’t know!!

I personally feel like I am at a comfortable place in my life where I know what I want to do. I know what makes me happy and where my passion is, but anything more than that and I am a complete wreck.

I don’t know the details.
I don’t have a specific job that pays me millions of dollars a month lined up.
I am not married or even remotely seeing someone.
I am not going to grad school (although you may think I should).

I just don’t quite know yet. And you know what? That’s ok! I’ll figure it out, I’ll do something good for me and I will come to you if I really need help. Until then, let me be an adult, let me make my decisions. If I want your opinion, I will ask, I promise.

I know I cannot speak for EVERY senior as I voice these concerns and frustrations, but I feel confident in saying that the general consensus feels the same way.

Even for people who do know what they’re doing, it is the best procedure to wait for their prompt. If they want to tell you about their life plans, they will. And if you just can’t handle the suspense it is STILL not acceptable to demand an explanation from them. Phrase your question with something along the lines of, “It’s ok if you don’t but…” or “If you know your plans and would like to tell me I’d love to hear it.”

The last thing a soon to be college graduate wants to feel is a sense of disappointment in not having the answers they think you want to hear. Giving them the reassurance that whatever they choose is ok; it more important than you can ever realize.

So as we near Easter break, a time of family and dinners and inevitable conversations, please take the sanity of your soon to be graduate in mind as you make small talk in the kitchen or at church. There are so many other challenges a senior in college has to face, the last thing they need is an awkward, potentially deprecating holiday…Trust me!!

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