Spontaneous Night Out in Decorah

There are so many great things the town of Decorah has to offer. Great coffee shops to study in, wonderful cocktail bars to chat and drink, and great establishments to dine AND drink.

Most of my time the last year has been spent working at the wonderful establishment of Rubaiyat, but tonight I was the one dining out!

Emily (my roommate) and I started the afternoon at Impact with the plans to drink some coffee and do some homework. Well…not much reading got done by either of us, but we had a very nice life chat as seniors in college need every once in awhile. All of a sudden it was 5:00pm, just the time that Rubaiyat opens!

We first told ourselves we were just going to get a cocktail…but then we had an appetizer…and then very quickly we we were left sitting at a booth full to the brim with 2 cocktails, salad, bread, an entree, and all we could eat of a delicious creme brulee!

Do I regret anything? Absolutely not!

Sometimes this is exactly what we need. A spontaneous night out where we laugh, gossip, and probably eat a little too much food and drink. I couldn’t have asked for a better evening with my favorite roommate ever!

*Warning* Sappy senior moment coming up.

As ready as I am to start life in the world outside Luther, I have moments like these. I have always been told that I will look back on my college days and remember the first and last days of class or turning in my senior paper or maybe the whole receiving a diploma thing, but when I look back at Luther I will remember these moments. Moments with some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. The spontaneous dinners, the coffee homework sessions that turn into the best kind of therapy, and the loving friendship two complete strangers were able to bring to life over the last four years.

My goal is to fill these last six weeks I have left at Luther with beautiful memories just like this one.


Cute snap of the delicious coffee at Impact today with a book we didn't really read.
Emily Crowe '17 and I eating dinner at Rubaiyat.

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