A Trip to the Cities

For my senior paper I am doing a program evaluation of a prisoner reentry facility. This means that I look at the mission and goals of the prisoner reentry facility, then analyze data, and conduct interviews with staff and residents to see if the facility is actually accomplishing the mission and goals they set out for themselves to achieve.

This means that last week I was able to go up the the Twin Cities and begin conducting interviews with people connected to this organization. It was a great week of interviews, data collection, and the beginning stages of analysis, but it was also a great time to spend with family members whom I haven’t seen in months.

I was able to stay with my cousin and his family just south of Minneapolis. They have two awesome kids, one of whom I nannied for when he was only a few months old, and my favorite dog in the world: Bruno! The younger boy is pictured to the right and I know he looks grumpy but believe me he does love me. He was just very distracted by the cartoon playing on the TV in front of us.

After four days in the cities doing research, visiting some old friends, and spending time with family, I headed back to Decorah to work at Rubaiyat that Saturday night.

However, during my time in the cities I was offered the chance to interview some residents at their Rochester facility—how cool! The only catch was that I had to turn right back around from Decorah to be in Rochester on Sunday. I’m pretty sure I spent more time driving in total than I did conducting interviews but it was all extremely worth it!

I needed a break from Luther, which happens every now and then, especially as I am a senior and ready to branch off into the real world. As much work as this paper will be, I’m glad that it gave me a chance to get out of the Luther bubble for a bit. And who doesn't love the opportunity to have Panera for lunch!?!

Having some family time up in Minneapolis.
Having a working Panera lunch in Rochester.

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