Treat Yourself

Being a senior has its benefits and hardships, but it is all part of the process. One factor in that process is having to take senior seminar. As a sociology major, this means a seminar on social moments with an environmental focus. It is something that I have not done a ton of research on, but I am really looking forward to learning lots about it. However this means almost 100% of class is discussion and usually these discussion are student led.

So Thursday morning at 8:00am I led an hour and a half long class discussion about three articles concerning the environmental justice framework and environmental racism. The night before my presentation, I had rushed home from work to put the remaining pieces of information onto my power point and then I woke up bright and early for class the next day. In the end, it all went very well! My class had an awesome discussion and no one fell asleep while I was "in charge" so it was pretty big success in my mind.

Considering my great success, I felt like I was due for a well earned "treat yourself" moment after all my hard planning! So after class, my roommate Emily and I met at Sunnyside Cafe to try their infamous crepes! This is a new addition to the cafe in the Center for the Arts building this year. I knew I had to test them out before graduation and this was the perfect excuse!

Although mine was not nearly as photogenic as Emily’s, both of the crepes were absolutely delicious! I had a savory crepe with ham and cranberry sauce, gouda cheese, and apples. Emily had the Valentine’s Day crepe which is a raspberry flavored crepe with strawberries, chocolate, and whip cream. Pair that with some hot coffee on a cold day and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Moral of the story: I belive that "treat yourself" days need to happen more often to me personally as well as everyone on campus and if you haven’t gotten a chance to try the Sunnyside crepes yet, you should definitely go check them out!!

Savory crepe at Sunnyside cafe in the CFA.
Valentine's Crepe at Sunnyside cafe.

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