Chirstmas at Luther from a non-CAL-er

Christmas at Luther comes around every year and every year we run and stress and fit three billion and a half things into our schedule. And every year an absolutely beautiful performance happens. A performance that brings people to tears. A performance that brings friends and families to one place of support and love. A performance that gives people just one more reason to love Luther College.

Being a part of Christmas at Luther, or rather “CAL,” is something that all music majors or anyone involved in music looks forward to. Although I don’t think I could put myself through some of the stresses that come the this crazy thing called CAL, I completely respect the people who do and absolutely love the music that is produced by these efforts. I will also gladly keep my distance from the 9 hour long rehearsals however!

My roommate  has told me that when she is up on that stage, tears in her eyes, it all becomes worth it. Of course, mere minutes later she goes backstage where the stress and frustrations come back, but on that stage, the world becomes right. Even if that is something that I cannot relate to, it makes my heart so very happy to see how much she loves it.

Don’t get me wrong though, just because I’m not in the actual performances of CAL, I am by no means exempt from the effects of it. I work at the Rubaiyat, an amazing restaurant in town, and the business from this event makes it one of the busiest weekends of the year. I have only worked the first night of the crazy long weekend so far, but what I have found is lots of running around equally accompanied by lots of smiles and laughs. Generally our customers are already wonderful; right after hearing this lovely, angelic music however, they tend to be even more enjoyable. And although it was a long tiring night, I left with a full wallet and a happy heart. This is going to be a long weekend but absolutely worth it.

Wherever you stand on the subject of CAL, a stressed musician, an overjoyed audience member, or a busy server, CAL is a part of Luther College we can’t go without. In the end, the cold and snow and Christmas will come, so why not bring it in with some pretty amazing music?  

Shot of the back drop of Christmas at Luther 2016, "Out of Darkness, Light."
Orchestra member at Christmas at Luther 2016, "Out of Darkness, Light."

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