A Little Love on Veterans' Day

Yesterday was Veterans’ day. This has always been an important day to me simply because it is honoring people who have done so much for our country. Way more than I have in the 21 years of my life. I think every day should be a day that we honor our Veterans but this day is just a little more special. I always call my grandpa and uncles and I write my post on Facebook, but this year I was able to go an extra step.

I am one of the leaders of the Service branch of Student Activities at Luther College. This group does many service projects, one of which is letters to Veterans. For the week leading up to Veterans’ day we set up a table down by the cafeteria, provided thank you card templates and markers, and encouraged students to write a little note to honor those who have served in our military. We received an amazing turn out, and around 200 letters later we were off to go deliver these acts of kindness.

Decorah High School has a Veteran’s day event every year where they put on a brunch that is followed by an honor ceremony. My co-chair Brooke Hilger, one of our committee members and I were able to attend this event. We wandered around, mingled, and handed out cards.

It was probably one of the most rewarding mornings of my life! The looks on their faces made the work leading up to it all worth it. What hit me however, was their look of surprise. This part made me a little sad because this shouldn’t be so rare of an occasion in incur such surprise. Luckily that surprise was quickly changed to pure joy. The genuine smiles and warm hugs I received yesterday were touching and heartbreaking and absolutely beautiful!

I really am so honored to be a part of this organization and I am proud to come from a school that quickly gave so much support to people who really deserve and appreciate it!

Pile of letters for the veterans done by the students at Luther.
Brooke Hilger handing out cards to the Veterans at Brunch.

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