Party Animals at PALs

So what is this thing called PALs you may ask? It is a program through Luther where they pair participating Luther students with kids from the community who sign up to have a sort of big brother/big sister mentor. It is a great way to get the Decorah community involved in Luther community for a good cause. For one Sunday a month for a couple hours all the littles get with their bigs and do some sort of planned activity. Some of these activities might include movies & games, Christmas in the Union, and science day.

The activity for October was a Halloween scavenger hunt! Bigs and littles were encouraged to dress up and we all had a list of things to find or do around campus like make a pile of leaves and jump into it, get Luther staff person’s signature, high five 15 people, and a bunch more. Also, in the Center for the Arts building they had cookies and cider as well as face painting, coloring, and themed bingo.

It was absolutely great to spend the day with playing around outside, coloring pictures, and grabbing some ice cream of course. Because we were party animals we spent most of our time playing with noisemakers and marching around campus. We also made leaf angels and most  importantly had a lot of laughs!! Couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to have some party animals on campus.

Branna's PAL dressed up for the Halloween scavenger hunt.
Munching on ice cream at PALs.

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