Not just another homecoming

Homecoming 2016, my last homecoming as a student at Luther College! Don’t worry, I’ll be back but I will technically be an alumni and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that... All of the friends I got to see this past weekend were in agreement that it is a completely different feeling to come back to Luther and be considered an alum when they feel like they JUST left. Keeping this in mind, my goal was to make the most of my last student homecoming!

Friday, I kicked off the Norse pride with my Alpha Beta Psi sisters by doing a spirit dress up day and then having an Alumni Bash that evening. Alumni Bash is a party held every year by the active ABY members for any Alumni who can make it. We have snacks and drinks and lots of old photo albums from pledge classes of the past! This year I was one of the people in charge of making this event run smoothly and although I was definitely nervous about everything going well, the moment alumni walked downstairs and greeted us all with hugs and laughter I remembered why this is such an important event. It was great to get my little ABY family together again and see all of my old friends!

Saturday I was able to represent Student Activities in the Homecoming parade and got to ride on top of a fire truck and throw out candy! I think that can easily qualify as a satisfactory morning! Then it just got better as I went to the rugby game to cheer on some  friends.

As fun as the weekend was…. This may mean that I procrastinated on homework just a little. This was absolutely inevitable and I was plenty aware, so Sunday morning some friends and I went out for a big brunch and then got into that homework life. Sunday was a long day, not in the good ways of Friday or Saturday, but I did it! I locked myself in a study lounge and read I don’t even know how many pages, wrote a few reflections, even did some statistics.

Were the mounds of homework on Sunday worth it? Absolutely!

Homecoming 2016 turned out fantastic and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Although it was a little sad to have my last homecoming as a student, I know that next year I will make the most of my first homecoming as an alumni!!

Kalinda Kolek and I representing both Alpha Beta Psi and Norse Pride.
My sorority family reunited at Alumni Bash. Branna Elenz (Me) Elena Dooley, and Tia Stenson.
Emily Crowe and I getting really excited for homecoming weekend at Luther!

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