As the end nears....

Well, the end is nearing: My flight is bought and in just over a month I will be back State side! I can hardly bring myself to think about this, but here I am writing about it… The mixture of emotions running around my system is uncontrollable. I fully expected these crazy emotions, what I did not expect, was the stress that always comes with the end of the year. The same stress every student faces!  

I crave going home and seeing my friends and family while I also long to stay here in the amazing life I have created for myself in Nottingham, but if that is not enough… I still have to take exams like everyone else! 

The picture to the right is a classic day of studying in Branna's life: A quick study break to eat a snack and post it on Instagram. Although I am thousands of miles away from home I still had the relief of my last official lecture, which was quickly followed by the dread of exams coming up! These are things that would be no different than if I were back at Luther. It is truly amazing how some things never change; how there are some parts of society, particularly within large structures like the educational system, that stay the same no matter where you go. 

Yes, I may be missing my family a little more this year than the last couple but it is no surprise that at the end of the school year there is a desire to get out of Luther and go back home or at least do something different for a while. As much as I want to stay in England, I am pretty done with classes. This is just a part of schooling. We are so used to getting a summer off every year that we expect and look forward to it. I don't even know what I'm going to do when I have a real adult job and don't get a three month summer holiday!! 

The point is: No matter where you are in the world, as the end nears in your academic year, some things never really change. You're still going to have to take exams, you're still going to get tired of the people you are around (maybe even your roommates) and you're going to crave something new and exciting. Although my circumstances are a little different than the last 15 or so years of my life, some stressors you just can't avoid.

I guess I would say this is a good place to have them though! And I plan on making the most of my last month in Nottingham, exams and all!

Typical study break for Branna. An Oreo with milk in an Instagram picture.

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