Holiday Adventures: Round 2

Round two of exciting holiday adventures is coming up really soon. Two more days to be specific!! Let's just say I am far from prepared. Yesterday was devoted to finalizing and printing out bus and train tickets. Today is the day of the dreaded laundry and packing. Tomorrow is the "oh no, I can't believe I almost forgot to bring this" or "wow, I do not need four cardigans" day. 

Most of this procrastination is because I had a rather large paper due Thursday morning and I might have maybe procrastinated on that as well… But bad decisions or not, here we are, two days away and lots of stuff to get done.

First of all, let's talk about how great this trip is going to be! I am flying to Dublin at 6:30 Monday morning (not the greatest part) and will then travel to Tipperary County and will be WWOOF-ing for two weeks. For those of you who don't know what this is, it stands for "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms" and is a program where you go and stay with a host family and get free room and board in exchange for working for them on their farm. It is a very cost efficient and culturally immersing way to travel, especially for a broke college student studying sociology.

After this, I will be spending the next two weeks making my way around Ireland. I will start the trip in Cork for five days and then travel to Galway for about five days. Finally, I will meet up with three of my other flat-mates in Dublin for the last four days of our trip before flying back to Nottingham.

I am really looking forward to this break not only because I am going to a wonderful country, but because I will have a variety of experiences. My time WWOOF-ing will be a great way for me to be immersed in Irish culture and experience the area firsthand. Then I have about ten days to do some exploring, learning about the countryside and myself! Because I am alone, I am positive my bubbly, "let's meet people any- and every- one" personality will emerge and I am sure to meet some really cool people. Lastly, it will be great to wrap up the trip with my friends. We have all been through so much in the last seven months because of this program and our reunion will be greatly welcomed. We will also be able to make memories that we can share and bond over again later in time!

Also, I know that coming back to Nottingham will have a feeling of "homecoming". I have made friends here that I already miss and I haven't even left yet! I know we will have a blast coming back and sharing stories about our holidays. I love the relationships I've formed, but I also fear them… I know that in a couple months I will be returning to the U.S. and I'm a little worried about how leaving these friendships will affect me. In the end though, I would not trade these people or experiences for anything! I will forever have two homes halfway across the world from each other and that is something I will cherish forever!

I don't want to brag (or jinx myself for that matter), but I'd like to say I'm pretty good at this holiday planning thing! Aside from the packing and mental preparation, I am ready to go and tackle this next step in my life!

The next adventure awaits me! Ready or not Ireland, here I come!!

Mapping out my trip around Ireland just makes it all the more real!

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