Adventure Alert!

I have been very lucky to have had some pretty awesome experiences here in Nottingham, but one of the best parts is what I get to see and do when I venture out of the city. Last weekend, David and Rachel took us on a house trip to Cromford. We caught a couple buses and seemed to be transported to a different world. Sometimes, I think we get so caught up with classes and city life that we forget just how beautiful England is and this weekend was a good reminder. 

Cromford is a little town not too far from Nottingham. We took a nice hike going up on some cliff-like rocks (which Rachel was very adamant that we stay far away from the edges of), followed an old railroad track, walked between the man-made canal and natural river used for water and steam power, until finally we made it into the actual town of Cromford. 

The point of this trip was to talk about nature and the industrialization of the town, and most importantly why it is not a booming city. (Answer: it is because the coal mining industry in Nottingham came along and became the preferred power source). Obviously, I must have learned something, but more than that it was just a great way to get out in nature. 

The feeling of standing on the edge (or as close to the edge you can get with "mom and dad" watching) is so freeing and empowering!

It is slowly beginning to hit me how close we are to the end of this program. In less than three months, I will be back in the states. I am excited to see my friends and family and sleep in my own bed but it still doesn't seem real! Therefore, I want to make the absolute most of every second that I have here.

Adventure can sometimes be something that you just stumble upon, but with what feels like so little time left I will seek it in any way I can.

*Note to Jon Lund:

I, Branna Elenz, promise to keep my adventure seeking within the safe zone. No political rallies, no cliff jumping, and no wild animal handling. I cannot promise, however, that I won't pet a dog or two along the way…

Branna posing on a rock looking out into the English country side. (At a safe distance from the edge of course).
Long shot of the canal used for water power outside of Cromford, England.

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