Class (y) Movie Night

So a little background on how the Nottingham program works: we take classes from the University part time and we ALSO have classes with the Luther professor that came over with us. David and Rachel Faldet just happened to be the amazing people we were blessed with! 

One of the classes we are taking right now is British Novels. We have already read and watched Jane Eyre and the last two weeks we have been reading Pride and Prejudice. We have class every Monday for which we have to write a response and discuss the reading. It's a pretty straight forward system. 

We don't have to, but have the choice to watch the movie version of the novels AFTER we are done reading. So, last night, almost all of us got together to watch Pride and Prejudice. I have seen the film before but it made much more sense now that I've read the book. Also it was a lot more enjoyable. Because we were all together, there were so many parts that we laughed at and pointed out. That probably would not have happened had I just sat on my bed and watched it on my computer. I feel like I got way more out of it. 

Also… popcorn! That always makes things better. 

We don't all get together very often. We have to be at class on Mondays and always have the option to come to dinner at 1800 every weeknight, but we all have lives and sometimes that means going out with friends for dinner or leaving for the weekend, and that is wonderful! But sometimes, it is also nice to get together as a flat. 

We all came here together. We have all grown and changed in the last six months. We are at different points in our lives now. But in the end we are all here for each other. Through long hours of writing essays and reading a novel last minute, (sorry David, not gonna sugar coat that one) to laughing over how awkward Mr. Darcy is and throwing popcorn across the room at each other, we are all here together. 

I did not have to watch Pride and Prejudice with my flatmates last night, but I am very glad I did. All of those little moments are what add up to a full life and I love it!

Branna, Grace, and Megan are ready to watch Pride and Prejudice.
Peder, Sarah, and Vicky snuggling before Pride and Prejudice. Sarah looks super excited... for nap time!
Catherine, Cailin, and Branna getting ready for some Pride and Prejudice.

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  • May 19 2017 at 5:14 am

    Good jobs friend.

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