Well... I took on the world

The last month has been one of the hardest and most beautiful months of my life. Not everything went according to plan… actually some pretty important parts fell through, but in the end it lead me back to Nottingham England, a place I can now consider home. I'm so happy for this because after weeks of traveling to foreign countries where I didn't know the language, home is exactly what I needed.

To say my holidays were a bit rough would be an understatement! I was put through the ringer a number of times, resulting in way more tears than I'd like to admit… But I don't want that to make it seem like this trip wasn't absolutely amazing. Although there were a couple very bad incidents that happened *spoiler alert* my wallet was stolen and the weather caused us to miss a very important flight, I saw some of the most beautiful places and met some of the most amazing people.

Without the trouble of this adventure I would have never been able to hike between the Cinqueterre or climb on a rock in the sea. I wouldn't have gotten some beautiful jewelry and artwork or ate the best food of my life, nor would I have had a traditional Turkish bath or visited a mosque for the first time. Most of all, I would have never met the people I did who really changed my life even in the mere minutes that I knew them.

Those who gave us 'lost Americans' directions even when we slaughtered the pronunciation of the street name, the store owner who gave me a kind smile and some good coffee during my solo trip to Rome, the silly waiter who hit on me like it was his job, the embassy worker who gave me his number truly out of genuine concern for my wellbeing, the lady in our dorm who gave us the most beautiful tea cups after only knowing us for a couple days, and the kind woman who wiped the tears from my eyes as my dream of India slipped away from me (this time). These people are what kept me going for the last month. In the best and worst times, these strangers gave me reason to see the beauty in EVERY aspect of travel and adventure.

Because I was not able to blog over the time of my adventures I will have the chance to relive them and show them to you in all their pain and glory! Keep tuned in as I share my adventures taking on the world for the last month! I suppose I can give a little sneak peak with pictures though;)

View off the coast of Riomaggiore, Italy. One of my favorite photos.
After hiking up to a higher level, this is the view of Vernazza, Italy (one of the cinqueterre). Breathtaking I know!
View of the canal in Venice, Italy. One of my favorite places to photograph!
Yes, that is the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. You are not mistaken!
The Hagia Sophia is a mosque in Istanbul Turkey that has been made into a museum. It's beautiful from the outside and very intriguing from the inside too!

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