Here We Go!!

There are two month long breaks that are part of the Nottingham program, one in the winter and one in the spring. This winter…tomorrow actually… a few friends and I will be starting our travels around Italy, Greece, Turkey and India! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself, but I am also quite nervous. I can’t quite calm myself down enough to sleep so here I am writing a post at 1:00 a.m and we are leaving the flat at 7:20 a.m… I also distracted myself a bit by making meatballs at about 11:00 p.m.; you gotta do what you gotta do I guess (see highly ‘attractive’ picture of said meatball making).

I guess it just doesn’t feel like I should be going away right now; it hasn’t quite hit me! Just yesterday I was taking an exam and going out for drinks with friends then today I was packing. I have not really changed any part of my life up until now for this trip. We have been planning for so long that it has just continued to seem like a dream and now it’s actually happening. I don’t know if I’ve even been hit by the reality that I’m studying in the UK for the year and now even more craziness is happening!!

Like I said, I just started packing today so my room/bed kind of looked like a storm hit it but after literally all day I am finally packed and ready for my adventures!

When I started this year, I was planning on traveling on my own because I wanted to get the full immersion effect, which I still want to do for my spring break, but then my dreams went wild and I wanted to go all the way to India. As invincible as I feel, I am human enough to realize that I should probably not travel all the that way by myself, especially as it is my first time traveling by myself at all really. I am so lucky to have some awesome flatmates here that posses many of the same interests and passions. As independent as I was at the beginning of the year, I am really excited to travel with the three beautiful ladies rocking mustaches to the right!

I am prepared for laughs, drinks, and breathtaking sites! I am also prepared for long trains/flights, catcallers, and haggling. All life comes with light and dark but I am ready to embrace it all! This is why I applied for this program, there’s no going back now!

What does Branna do at midnight right before leaving for holiday? Make meatballs of course! (just go with it)
Branna's mess of a bed and slew of clothes while trying to pack for holiday break.
Branna is all packed and ready to go on her Christmas Holiday adventures.
Grace O'Brein, Cailin Higgings, Branna Elenz, and Megan Rachuy rocking mustaches at the Christmas party.

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