Some Things Never Change

Yes, being in a different country for an extended period of time has hit me with something new and strange every minute for the last three months and I know the next six will be just as new and exciting. However, as we are coming up to the time of finals and winter break I have noticed that I’m feeling many of the same things I usually do back in the United States.

Let’s be honest most of them are not the best feelings… I am mostly caught up in the overwhelming stress of taking tests and writing papers, and pretty much the slightest thing may set me off. I am tired and a little cranky as everyone is this time of year, but I guess it’s comforting to know that somethings never change.

Even when I am back home I just get to this point where I just want to be done: no more class, no more homework, no more tests or essays I just want something that is none of those things!

Usually that want is fulfilled by coming home to a nice comfy bed and doing absolutely nothing for as long as I want. This year it will be fulfilled with different new excited things like traveling all the way to India with a few stops in between!

I definitely think I can speak for some of those in my flat by saying that we are also pretty excited to get a break from each other for a bit. Living with 10 other people is not easy and, just like my roommates at Luther, I am ready for a little ‘Branna time’ away from everyone!

I know the holidays will be absolutely nothing like I’ve experienced before but the joy I feel seeing my flatmates after break will be just as exciting as it always is. We need that distance to remember how much we love and need each other. It doesn’t matter where in the world I am to realize that.

Sometimes, in all the craziness of being in a new place, I forget that we are all still humans making our way through life and some things never change…

Change... Simple as that.

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