Remember, Remember the 5th of November

The 5th of November is a huge celebration in England. A nursery rhyme known by almost everyone in this country is Remember, Remember the Fifth of November. There is a brief summary online. But an even briefer one is that there was this guy who was plotting to blow up Parliament. After being caught, he was charged with treason, a crime that had a very, very gory punishment and now every 5th of November the town celebrates this in order to remind people how bad treason is and you should probably just not do it. But really, it is just a fun day of parties, fireworks, and a big bonfire.

I started my night off volunteering at the Pearson Centre doing arts and crafts with little kids, centered around bonfires and fireworks of course. We used strips of paper as wood and our red and yellow handprints to make the flames of the fire. Then, with forks, bottles and q-tips we make fireworks each unique and special. It was a pretty cute experience and the kids loved it!!

What was not so cute however, was the bus ride to the city centre! It was absolutely packed; each time we made a stop I couldn’t believe more people were able to fit on. It seemed like the longest bus ride of my life but I finally made it to the city centre. My other flatmates reported to me that our neighbor was literally lighting off fireworks right next to our house so they got front row seats from our nice comfy couches!

It was a little rainy that night but there still seemed to be fireworks going off in every direction. Even if we couldn’t see them we could definitely hear them!

All of this craziness finally led to the big bonfire (pictured right)! It was massive and super interesting to see all of these people gathered around something that is really meant to symbolize the burning of Guy Fawkes, the treasoner back in 1605. It's pretty violent if you think about it but hey, if it keeps people from committing treason that’s something I guess!

Big bonfire for the English holiday of November 5th.

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