Rainy Day? Not a Problem!

Rainy days in England happen quite a bit, and usually this doesn’t stop me from going out and exploring the city or going to class for that matter. But it is a Saturday and in my defense I am not at my peak health so I decided that it was probably safer to just stay in the dry, warm house and watch a movie. A couple of my flatmates agreed and it was settled, the world would not see Cailin, Megan or Branna today and we are completely content with that!

I was fairly productive this morning: I cleaned my room because I had a lot of dirty clothes lying everywhere and really just couldn’t handle it any more. Then, I washed my dirty clothes by hand because I realized how large my pile of clothes had grown after my first productive act of the day and didn’t want to actually pay for laundry so I did it the old fashioned way. After all of this hard work and productivity… I sat on the couch and watched a two hour long movie!

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Interview with a Vampire but if you haven’t, you should! It is definitely for a mature audience only but it is a pretty spectacular movie. It was a great way to spend my afternoon, along with the soft sound of rain, a blanket, and a hot cup of tea.

Sometimes you have to just do nothing. I have noticed lately that I have been, in a single word, exhausted. As much as I love this place and all that it has to offer me, I am constantly alert to the newness that I experience every second. The biggest thing I miss from home is the comfort of predictability believe it or not (sorry grandma!) This place is so new and foreign that I am always learning and experiencing something unfamiliar and sometimes I just miss knowing what I’m doing. It is kind of a hard feeling to explain unless you’ve felt it before.

I am extremely grateful to be here but I am also able to admit that there are moments that I just need to do nothing and be content in that nothingness. So you could call it a lazy Saturday, and it definitely is, but I prefer to call it an emotionally healing Saturday!

View from Luther College Flat in Nottingham, England.
Branna curled on the couch with her cup of tea.

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  • November 23 2015 at 5:54 am
    Great post Especially your point about genuinely showing how much you value the influencers, and providing value to them – they’re ones I’ll follow down to the T. :)

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