Bold Moves in Europe

I have been known to do some crazy things in my life, as innocent as singing karaoke on stage or as permanent as getting a tattoo! I would like to say that my family is pretty used to it. One thing that I have loved to embrace is what I can do with my hair. Keeping that in mind I have only actually cut it short once and that was because I would about 8 years old and my grandma made me because it was super long and I wasn’t taking very good care of it…. yeah, I cried. Aside from cutting it however, I have been pretty free with my hair. It’s been high-lighted, low-lighted, and permed; I’ve had bangs and layers and crimped, curled, and straightened it. I have never in my life shaved it. Well, until three days ago that is!

I have been thinking about shaving a section of my hair for a really long time but have always gotten a little scared and backed out. But last week I got really serious about doing this. I thought to myself, “I’m in Europe, why not? Everyone I have talked to about it say that it will look super cool and if it doesn’t… well it’s just hair, it’ll grow back!” And that’s really all I had to tell myself. My decision was made and my friend Catherine went with me the next day to do the deed.

I’m not going to lie, the first snip was utterly terrifying! After that I knew there was no going back. Leading up to this moment my heart was racing and my mind was in a zillion and three places but after my total outlook changed. Yes my heart was still racing but it wasn’t out of fear, rather it was power and my mind was in one focused place.

This decision was about me!

I did not decide to make this bold move in my life for other people to approve or disapprove it (although I am very appreciative of the support that I have received thus far), rather I did it for me. It is really empowering to do something for yourself and I feel more beautiful than I ever have. I am bearing myself to the world and the city of Nottingham. I feel like it is a pretty innocent way for me to put myself out there. Other people will inevitably have their opinions but like I said, that’s not what matters to me, what matters is how I feel and right now, I feel pretty darn great!

Branna with all of her hair. Pre bold move.
Branna's newly shaved hair. Post bold move.

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