The Goose Faire Minus the Geese

The history of the Goose Faire is pretty much how it sounds; way back when everyone would come to the faire with their geese and sell them off. I don’t know exactly when or how it changed from the selling of geese to the riding of roller coasters but I am not complaining. From our flat, which is in walking distance of the faire, we could already see the spot lights and faintly hear the commotion. Previously we were all hanging out in the dark living room watching a movie and in that moment none of us really wanted to move, we were quite comfortable in our little movie cave but as soon as I walked outside I could feel the energy and was practically skipping the whole way there (this is not an exaggeration).

We saw people walking past us with cotton candy, which is actually called candy floss here, and we knew we were headed the right direction but I don’t think we quite realized what we were heading into. This faire was huge!! We stopped to get something to eat right inside and decided to walk around for a bit to see what was all there before we actually went on any rides. There were carnival games everywhere and we definitely could not restrain ourselves from playing one or two.

I could not believe how many people were in one place. There was hardly room to walk and eventually you stopped saying sorry for bumping into someone because it was inevitable. Finally we made it over to the big swing! I’m sure that’s not its actual name but that’s pretty much what it was. You sat in pairs of swings hanging in a large circle. You were then lifted up and spun around not too fast but fast enough to be pulled out by the centripetal force. I am not the biggest fan of heights so I was a little anxious but it was completely worth it because the sky view of the faire and city of Nottingham was breathtaking! I wish I would have brought my mobile up with me to take a picture but I was a little worried I might drop it…. but there are a few other shots to the right that I was able to capture; including me and my cotton candy because it is my favorite faire treat!

Considering I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I was first told about this Goose Faire, I am so glad that I did not miss it! It was definitely the highlight of my week!

Goose faire in Nottingham, England.
Branna enjoying her cotton candy at the Goose Faire in Nottingham, England.

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