Typical Saturday In Nottingham

The last few weeks of life have been full of travel, registration, joining clubs, and signing up for volunteering opportunities which are all really fun and important things, but they did not really give me a chance to explore on my own. Therefore that was my Saturday goal.

In the morning, I went out with a couple my flatmates to a cafe to do some homework, so it was also a pretty productive day. After that, I just went to the city centre to do some free reading. I did not realize however that there was a festival going on. I did a little reading but most of my time was definitely spent people watching. There were street performers and I could hear live music. After a while the smell of the food was getting to me and I realized it was about 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I decided to wander closer to all of the venders. I knew that I probably could have waited to eat until I got home but there was a stand that had duck wraps. I thought why not and just went for it...it was a very good life choice!

While eating this delicious wrap I stopped to listen to the music. Pictured right is “Bitter Strings,” one of the many bands that were playing at this festival which I then realized was called “The Great Notts Show.” Basically it is a festival that celebrates local musicians and restaurants/markets. The big theme was “I’m not from London.” It was just a really great to be at something that was literally made to celebrate the city I am now calling home.

Later that evening, we went back down to the city centre and just had a drink and listened to some more awesome live music. My favorite band was called "Whiskey Stain" and had more of a rock feel. There were kids dancing and people laughing and it really made me feel like I was at home. Both because I felt comfortable and because it really reminded me of going out to street festivals in Chicago.

Basically…. It was the perfect day. I got some homework done, soaked up some sun, ate some great food, and listened to some awesome music. If this is a sign of how the next nine months are going to be I think I can handle that! Classes do start tomorrow though so that might throw a different curve in...

Bitter Strings performing in "The Great Notts Show" in Nottingham, England.
Whiskey Stain performing at "The Great Notts Show" in Nottingham, England.

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