Settling in Nottingham

One week ago yesterday we arrived in Nottingham and have basically been traveling ever since. Classes at the University do not start until the 28th of this month but those are not the only classes we are taking. Part of the program requirements include taking classes from the program directors as well. We are taking a Paideia 450 as well as two other courses; this means that we sometimes have house trips to "enhance our learning".

For the last five days we have been traveling up the island of Great Britain as far as Edinburgh, Scotland. We have readings and class discussions but if I’m really being honest it is mostly just a lot of fun to explore. There is definitely a culture shock when moving to the other side of the world and we are slowing starting to figure it all out. David and Rachel Faldet are serving as professors, counselors, parents, and so much more! It is great to get to explore the country but equally reassuring to have such great mentors.

This house trip was also a great way for the 11 of us living in the flat to really get to know each other. It was kind of a testing time because we were all a little jet lagged coming into the trip and don’t really know each other at all. This was kind of a forced way to figure all that out. In my opinion, it went great. We all definitely have a long way to go in distinguishing boundaries and opening up to each other but this was a wonderful start.

Tomorrow we begin “international student orientation” (it is crazy to think of myself as an international student, but that is exactly what I am). I believe that this will help us really start to feel comfortable here in Nottingham and hopefully soon we will easily be able to call this place home! My mind is filled with excitement and anxiety all at once but I am ready for whatever comes next!

Branna standing in front of a telephone box like a typical tourist.
Photo of the shore off of Scotland in St. Abbs.
Photo of the Nottingham Group in front of their new home in Nottingham, England.

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