What and Who You Know

How great is it that I get to use one job to advertise for my other job? Pretty great I would say! Being a part of admissions blogging has really been great, but I don’t know whether I would be doing this if I hadn’t first worked on this Facebook page. And I wouldn’t have gotten to work here if I hadn’t first started working in the Student Activities office on campus.

So maybe we should start in the beginning. When I first came to Luther as a wee little first year, I was placed in custodial work. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very necessary job and I’m glad there are awesome people who do it….. but did I want to do it, no! Then my friend Katie told me that the Student Activities Office was looking for some office assistants and really wanted to get some first years in, so of course I applied with Katie as my most credible reference.

Working in the SAC office was one of my favorite things, I got to know some great people and by bosses were amazing. (On a side note I later became a member of the SAC exec board and could no longer work there due to conflicting roles but I still spend quite a bit of my free time in what feels like my second home on campus). It was while working here that I was recommended to help with this new thing called First Year Experience.

Well, it is not necessarily a new website, but was in the works of being revamped. The idea for this page is to have a team of real live first year students who basically just post about their lives. The goal is for students looking at different colleges to have a place to go and really see what it is like to go to Luther College. We didn’t want it to be a bunch of facts and statistics about how awesome Luther is but actually stories and photos of what really goes on, even the not so good things.

Of course I was super excited to be a part of this, especially since I had just been going through this process myself. After doing this for a year my boss asked me if I wanted to take the lead for the page next year (aka this current year). I was so honored and happy to accept this position. I still don’t really know what to call myself, other than pretty cool that is, but I really love what I do. It was also from this position that I got into blogging for admissions as well as helping out with other social media advertisement.

It really is about what and who you know in life. I have gotten to know some amazing people throughout the last could years. Whether these new found connections are with student peers, co-workers, or employers I cherish them considerably. I have grown stronger with them and would not be where I am today without them!

Student Activities Council for the 2014 year.
Clipping from the "First Year Experience" Facebook page.

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