Ingredients to Finding Yourself

Sometimes life can get hard… Classwork adds up, relationships become strained, changes may happen at home, work can get stressful, or all of thee above plus some! To an extent this is unavoidable.. it’s part of what coming to college and growing up is about. In the end these challenges can help us become better people, but we have to make it through the hard part first… The problem is when we become consumed by the things bringing us down and forget about the things that can help us get back up.

Everyone has their own personal recipe for finding themselves again. We are all different and all deal with unique stresses. Here are my ingredients: 

20 min of journaling every other night (at least)

Yoga 2 nights a week

1 Sunday a month with some pretty cute children  

Journaling is the best way for me to really get my feelings out as they come to me. Even if I don’t completely understand them at the time, being able to write about it makes the weight seems to be a little less heavy, at least for the moment. The best part about is that I can look back on this when I have a level head and might actually be able to come to terms with some of my emotions. This is something that I have not really been good at in the past, but in the last month it has definitely become my new found life saver!

What better way to wind down from a crazy stressful day then a good fitness yoga? Every Tuesday and Thursday night I attend a fitness class right here on campus taught by a fellow Luther student. This class is great because I am still getting a workout but I am also able to take a few minutes for me. I have time to just breathe and center myself, something that people don't seem to do enough. I am so thankful that Luther offers such a healthy destresser!

Also, about once a month, I go to church and help watch children in the nursery. Sometimes there can be only a couple and other times there can be eight or nine. Originally, this started out as something I did to help Stoneridge community church, but it became much more than that! Although I don’t go every Sunday, every time I do go, I am greeted by the most wonderful people who remember my name and give me coffee. The children are always a great reminder of the innocence in life and how things are not always as bad as it may seem at times!

These are not the only things I need in my life to get through all the stressfulness and hardships that might hit me along the way, but they are key parts in three very important areas of health. I am able to get help from myself through journaling, from Luther through yoga, and from the Decorah community through Stoneridge. Without all three of these areas in my life things could go a much different direction. Whether you are a student in high school or college, or a parent or teacher, or really just a human being, I really encourage you to find your recipe to snap back into life. Even if you’re not dealing with something now, you never know when you’ll need it, and it's definitely better to be prepared!

Branna's journal with "B" bookmark.
One of Branna's many yoga mats!
Logo from Stone Ridge community church in Decorah IA

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