Revamped Study Zone

I am sure I have talked about this before, but one of my favorite places to study off campus is Java Johns! Nothing, in my humble opinion, is better than coffee and a warm atmosphere when you really need to get a lot of work done. And when I say a lot…. I mean it! As much as I am looking forward to getting home for spring break, I cannot forget that this also means midterms are coming up. Also, one of my classes is only a seven week course, so a rather large research proposal basically posing as a final is in my near future! Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can just wish away, therefore I just have to buckle down and do it.

There are so many places that I could go to do this work, but Java Johns, and particularly their coffee just seems to call my name. So, I get up early (well… early for a Saturday) grab a friend and head downtown. To my great surprise, there has been a little renovating in the building while I was away, and let me tell you, I highly approve.

I really wish I had a picture of what it looked like before, but to the right is a current picture of the inside of the building. Before there was a big ole wall right in the middle of the room. This wall separated a section that was called the "reading room." This was great for people to have cozy meetings or, as the title suggests, just sit down in a comfy chair and read. I had definitely utilized this room in the past but am a huge fan of the new look. I feel like it just makes the room so spacious and extremely brighter! I may not have been able to spend my whole day outside, but at least I got a little sunshine in my life.

The delicious coffee doesn’t hurt either! I don’t even need the fru-fru drinks, just give me some of the daily 'special' coffee with a little bit of soy milk and cinnamon and I’m set! The atmosphere in the building just seems indescribable; the smell of coffee mixed with the soft hum of Saturday morning conversations just makes me happy. I might not always have 100% focus there, but I don’t dread doing my work either... I think it creates a very happy medium. Then, after you get enough coffee, you have all the energy to do the things you were distracted from 30 seconds ago!

My recommendation: Go check it out, because me trying to describe it to you (no matter how beautiful I make it sound) cannot compare to getting the first hand experience!

Interior view of Java Johns coffee shop in Decorah, IA.

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