The Best of PALS

So... Maybe I should explain this a little further so that I don’t just sound like a crazy college student! PALS is a Luther club through college ministries that serves as a sort of big brother/big sister program between Luther students and kids within the Decorah area. How it works, is that both bigs and littles (well probably their parents) fill out an application that includes interests and favorites as well as age and such. After this is done the bigs and littles are paired and become the best of friends, the best of PALS if we want to be honest!

Once a month for two hours there is a huge play date on campus where all the cute little children come and participate in the fun activities planned by the awesome leaders of the organization, and each month usually has a specific theme that the activities are based around. Today, the theme was recreation, so we spent our two hours in the Regents center going through a cycle of five, twenty minute activities. There was sooo much to do: kickball, tag, capture the flag, races, basketball, twister, candyland, you name it! The little kids love it and if we are being real, I think the big kids love it too.

I personally look forward to getting together with my PAL because I feel like I have seen her grow and open up so much. She is the cutest, sweetest thing and I really love her! Last month, well... back in December, she asked me if I would want to get lunch or dinner with her and her family sometime. My heart simply exploded with happiness. She started off as this shy little sweetheart and we have gotten so close over the last few months!

I was only kind of kidding about the “not wanting any kids of our own yet”… As much as I look forward to seeing my PAL I am worn out by the end of those two hours! We run around and bounce from one thing to another so quick I just need a nap. It is a very good reminder of why I am in college and should probably just stick with that for a while.

Each month, this is definitely one of my favorite things on my schedule! I am already a little sad that I won’t be able to see and hangout with my PAL next year but that just means I will make the next three months of PALS extra exciting and eventful! Let me tell you, if you have any interest at all in this and you want to learn more about PALS… just do it! It really is one of the coolest things on campus.

Photo of the t-shirt design for Luther's club PALS.

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