Love Your Melon

Whether you are trying to stay trendy or someone who just wants to help a child with cancer, it can't hurt to look up this website, There is a large assortment of caps, scarves, beanies and more that you can choose from when purchasing from Love Your Melon. I personally, ordered the peach speckled beanie, and absolutely love it (see image). They are warm, durable, and of course super cute!

Let me tell you about ABY and their relationship with Love Your Melon. ABY has been known for doing different philanthropy things, and Love Your Melon was more than pleased to join the list. Our goal is to sell 200 hats during the month of October while in partnership with the company. In one week we already had 68 hats sold! And the second week we were up to 110 hats sold. For a campus as small as Luther, that it pretty darn cool. The Love Your Melon team was so pleased, they invited six of us to come to DesMoines, IA later this week to help handout hats to the kids. It it so rewarding to say that I am a part of ABY and can help do things like this!

But the month is not over yet! You can still go on to and help the kids. Just make sure to click on Luther College: ABY before you checkout. But whether you buy a hat or not, just get the word out. Although social media does have its negative effects, it can also be used to spread the word about good things like..... Love Your Melon!! So get out there and share.

Branna Elenz wearing a peach speckled "Love Your Melon" beanie.
The logo for Love Your Melon
Part of the team from Love Your Melon sporting the merchandise.

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