Forget the stress, choose to laugh!

Sometimes school can be stressful... this is a fact of life that really hit me when I got to college. High school was intense at times, but college has to potential to be flat out stressful! Notice I said 'potential.' My thought process concerning the stress of college goes a little like this: you make college as fun or not fun as you want. Yes, your homework has to get done. Yes, you have to go to work. Yes you have to drink a lot of coffee sometimes, but these do not have to equal stress.

Take my weekend for example. I have been trying really hard these first couple months to keep ahead on my homework and sleep as social life, but.... homecoming! This weekend was great, but that also meant that I kind of added a little to the stress pile. Therefore my Sunday has been strictly devoted to homework. All of the homework! But... I was able to pull myself together and turn in my hard work for a lot of laughs! 

Luther College has many groups and organizations here on campus, but one of my favorites is Top Banana! If you don't know about this group, you should. They are a group of students who perform improvisation. These are probably some of the funniest people I know who can think on top of their feet like.... (insert something funny:) Let's just say there's a reason I'm not in the group. Anyway, they're pretty awesome and it makes for a great study break. So, after slaving over the textbooks all day, I treated my self to a great performance by top banana. The place is always packed and there is never a face not smiling. 

My point is that although studying and homework can sometimes feel like it bogs you down, and trust me it does at times, you always have the potential to bounce back. There are so many ways to de-stress yourself on campus. Whether it is taking an hour and a half out of your night to see a knee slapping performance or taking a 15 minute break to get a delicious Moscow Fog from the coffee shop or both, you can do it!!

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