Pledging Season is in the Air

Ahh, the smell of pumpkin spice and fall leaves is filling the air. Ugg boots are getting broken out, and Chi lattes are getting sold by the dozen! But there is something else that represents October at Luther... Pledge Month! Nothing beats seeing college students dressing up in crazy costumes everyday making fools of themselves. Last year I spent the month making fun of these people and even getting pictures with them to commemorate the hilarity. But this year is quite different. This year, I am one of those girls.

In high school I would never have pictured myself in a sorority. I had this movie stereotype in my head of how rude and lame these 'sorority girls' were. So I came to college with Greek life far from my mind.

What changed?.... I talked to them!

It wasn't even about the sorority. I had a class with one of the girls and worked with another and we just became friends. It wasn't until after this friendship started that I found out they were even part of a sorority. Of course their encouragement to pledge soon followed! I quickly found out that there is so much more to this than what the movies tell you. I am not fully inducted yet and I have already made so many friends! But more than that, I am becoming part of a family; we are sisters.

Sure I thought that these ladies were crazy for dressing so silly and sometimes obnoxious last year, but now I can see the 'why' behind their actions. My hope is that some First Year sees me and my amazing costume one of these days and remembers it next October when pledging comes around. Then maybe, just maybe, she too will understand that there is more to October than pumpkin and leaves and Uggs!

Colorful fall leaves on a tree by Main on campus.

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