Amber About Me

Amber Sorenson

Year: Sophomore
Communication studies
Hometown: Newton, Iowa

What activities are you involved in outside of academics?

I play alto saxophone in varsity band and I’m the crew captain of our Love Your Melon campus crew here at Luther. 

What do you and your friends do in your free time?

Sometimes we like to get out of the “Luther bubble” and go into downtown Decorah, but other times it’s just hanging out in somebody’s room and talking.

If someone was interested in your major, what course(s) or professor(s) would you recommend?

I would definitely recommend Concepts of Media Production with Thomas C. Johnson, especially if you have any interest in filming/video production. Mass media was also a really fun class. Derek Sweet is also a professor that I would highly recommend.

Where’s the best place to study on campus?

Oneota is usually a pretty good one, otherwise I do have some favorite spots in Main–it’s pretty quiet there after all the classes are done for the day! 

What’s your go-to line in the caf when you don’t like what’s in the main line?

Pasta: you can never go wrong!

What’s your favorite Luther tradition?

During first-year orientation, the new class gets a picture taken in a big “L” in our class shirts, and I think that’s really cool! It’s really symbolic of starting our time here at Luther, and it’s fun to look around and think that these are the people you’re going to spend the next four years of your life with. I haven’t really had much time to experience all the other traditions yet!

What do you miss about Luther when you go home?

The atmosphere on campus because everyone is super friendly. Whether I’m walking across campus or studying in Oneota, I’m bound to run into someone I know. I love the sense of community.

What’s your favorite part about going to college at Luther?

There’s too many to choose! If I had to pick, I’d have to say the amazing professors we have here! Most of the professors I’ve encountered so far not only care about your academics and postgraduate plans, but they also genuinely care about you as a person. 

What's your wackiest Luther memory?

I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but every day working in the media relations office has the potential to make for quite a wacky memory! :) 

What do you want to do after you graduate from Luther?

When I began my time here, I would’ve said to go into media production in some capacity. Now, I think I might want to work in social media, preferably for some kind of non-profit organization. This is partly based on my experiences with my work-study position in the media relations office. I’m leaving my options pretty open, though!