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Look! A Graduate!

It’s here! I’m done! Every exam is completed! Every paper is submitted! There’s nothing left to do but walk across the stage at commencement. How can I pass the time until then? Well, I have piles of books to read from the National Library Week book sale, and I need to spend time saying bye to friends and professors. Oh, and I have to pack up everything in my room. I guess that I’m not really done at all!

What should I write about in my last blog post? What can I say now that the reality of moving on from Luther has arrived? I remember my first morning on campus all those years ago; how I woke up in Brandt and went outside with no idea of what I was supposed to do. I still remember exactly which bench I found to sit on as the sun rose higher and I read Doctor Zhivago. Everything was green, the August air was warm, and the squirrels were lively. I didn’t know then just what the next four years would hold, but I was excited and hopeful.

I owe an awful lot to Luther; it gave me the opportunity to dip my toes into an English major and then change to Philosophy without any fuss. Nobody batted an eye when I wanted to pick up a Classics major as well. Luther gave me a beautiful campus and expansive natural areas to explore in my free time. What is more, Luther provided an opportunity to study at the University of Nottingham, which ended up being the happiest year of my life.

I’m not sad about leaving, though. My undergrad and I are ready to be done with each other. At this point, I’ve spent so much time in Preus Library, that they’re going to start charging me rent if I don’t move along soon. Fortunately, I have an exciting AmeriCorps opportunity in Montana after I graduate, and I’m ready to explore pastures that. Even if they don't end up being any greener, they are at least fresh and unfamiliar. My four years as a Luther College student have prepared me to face any challenge with at least a modicum of wisdom and poise. It hasn’t always been easy (and sometimes it was downright unpleasant), but that first-year reading Doctor Zhivago in his new home had a journey in store for him, and if I could, I’d tell him that it would all be worth it in the end.

I only have three things to say about how it feels to graduate.
Number One
Number Two
Number Three

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