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Pulpit Rock

It had been a long time since I paid a visit to Pulpit Rock (the geological feature, not the local brewery). Years, in fact. The last time I was there was late in the spring semester of sophomore year. After that, I went over seas (which made a visit impossible for obvious reasons), and when I returned last fall, I ended up being so busy with classes that it barely even crossed my mind to make the walk. As things are winding down, though, I thought that it was high time to make a return.

I wouldn’t say that Pulpit Rock looms over the landscape; from the ground it isn’t easy to spot among the trees and stony outcroppings, but it sits, rather serenely, above Will Baker Park. Don't worry, just because Pulpit Rock doesn't look all that impressive from the ground doesn't mean if isn't worth a climb. Once one reaches the top, they are rewarded with an expansive view of the river and surrounding hills. The red brick buildings of campus can even be spotted, peeping over the distant treetops.

Reaching the overlook entails a slightly treacherous climb up narrow steps carved into the stone and covered in loose fragments. At one point, the intrepid explorer must pass through a narrow corridor with hewn walls of rock towering above, whose shade and immense size keep the space chill and damp, no matter the heat of the sun.

At the end of all that climbing, you suddenly emerge onto a peculiar triangle of balustraded bluff. With its elevation and view, this vantage point does strike one as a particularly suitable site for delivering a public address, and it's no wonder that the venue is compared to a preacher's pulpit.

The journey need not end here, though. After spending a sufficient time admiring the panorama, another short set of stone stairs will bring you up to a trail running along the spine of the bluff. Now, if you take the right path (not to say there is a wrong one) and follow it far enough, you will arrive very near to the college’s wind turbine. I am always impressed by the deceptive size of this construction. It looks so small and near from campus, but it is further away than one expects, and so much larger. When one draws close enough, the mellow whooshing of the blades can be heard, a voice that makes this gleaming ivory tower all the more haunting and beautiful.

At last, it will be time to retrace your steps, satisfied with an hour well-spent.

The stony bluff looms above as you draw near.
These stairs begin the ascent.
From the top, you have a beautiful view.
You can even spot Luther College.
If you keep walking, you'll even reach the wind turbine.

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  • October 29 2018 at 3:45 pm
    Jerad Kilgor

    Pulpit Rock is a very cool place! I remember going there when I was in school. Very nice!


    Brandon @ Lubbock Handyman

  • December 5 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Will Baker Park was where I got engaged! Great memories!

    Water Restoration Services KC


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