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The Year is Winding Down


We're down to the final two weeks of classes! AHH! Although I've been working a lot on writing my papers that are due this week, I didn't think that'd be too terribly interesting to write about.

Friday night, some of us in next year's Nottingham group walked down to the Whippy Dip to get to know each other more and, of course, get ice cream. :) It was my first Whippy Dip visit of the season, but I stuck with my usual choice—an oreo tornado. :) I definitely recommend it! It's Whippy Dip's version of a Dairy Queen blizzard.

I split off from the group after that, and walked further downtown to get some things at Fareway and the Co-op. It was a great evening for a walk, especially after a busy week of classes!

Saturday was Derek's birthday! :) He and Tomáš were planning to go out to eat at Koreana that night, and he invited me to join them. I got the orange chicken, which was good. :) I even used chopsticks somewhat successfully to eat some of it—haha! The weather was perfect when we were walking back to campus after eating. I'm glad we've finally had warm temperatures lately!

After we got back to campus, we talked for a while and ate some strawberries and key lime pie that Derek's mom had brought earlier in the day. All in all, it was a really fun night. :) I definitely needed it, before beginning this especially hectic week!

On the major assignment side of things—I have papers due on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I also have a Norwegian test, plus two meetings for Nottingham related things.

On Friday, we don't have class because of the Research Symposium. I'll be going to listen to one of the sections for that, working, and then I'll be heading to my sister's graduation festivities. She graduates from college this weekend! I remember when we dropped her off for her first year, and it's crazy that we're already getting ready to watch her walk across the stage to get her diploma! I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished.

Amber Sorenson

Amber Sorenson

Amber is a junior from Newton, Iowa. She is majoring in communication studies and minoring in anthropology and Nordic Studies. Along with blogging for Luther admissions, she also works for Media Relations. She plays alto saxophone in Varsity Band and is the crew captain for Love Your Melon. One of her favorite things about Luther is the strong sense of community. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she'll be studying in Nottingham, England!

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A perfect night for a walk downtown! Photo Credit: Tomáš Dandáš '20
Orange chicken from Koreana—really good! :)
Key lime pie and strawberries...doesn't get much better than that! I ate a lot of good food over the weekend, haha! :)

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