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Superheroes, Sugar Bowl, and some Dancing

Hey guys!

There's only three more weeks of classes to go until finals! Eeek! I have two big papers due next week, plus a Norwegian test, so you'll probably find me in the library quite late every night going forward... But this past weekend, I forgot about all the work I have to do (at least for a few hours!) and had some fun. :)


Friday night, I walked to the theatre to see Avengers: Infinity War, with my friends Derek and Tomáš. The movie was SO GOOD, I definitely recommend it. I'll leave it at that, so I don't give away any spoilers. ;)

After the movie, we walked to the Sugar Bowl, because I really wanted ice cream. :) I got chocolate chip cookie dough—it was the perfect post-movie snack! Then we stopped at Subway on our way back to campus, because the guys hadn't eaten yet and were pretty hungry.


On Saturday, I spent most of the day working on things for two of my papers that are due soon. Later in the evening though, was the third annual Dancing with the Luther Stars!

It's an event that Ballroom and Swing puts together. They pair members of their team (the "pros") with Luther faculty or staff (the "stars"). There's three pairs, and each duo practices all year for this one night. They perform two dances each during the show. There are also various performances from the Ballroom and Swing team members.

They even have judges that critique the performances and give scores, just like the actual Dancing with the Stars TV show. ;)

It's a fun night, and I'd say it's probably one of the most popular events that Luther has every year. There have been a ton of students in the audience the past two years that I've gone, and there's generally quite a few community members, too.

All in all, it was a pretty fun weekend...now back to working on these papers and studying! Wish me luck as we head into the final weeks of the school year!

Amber Sorenson

Amber Sorenson

Amber is a junior from Newton, Iowa. She is majoring in communication studies and minoring in anthropology and Nordic Studies. Along with blogging for Luther admissions, she also works for Media Relations. She plays alto saxophone in Varsity Band and is the crew captain for Love Your Melon. One of her favorite things about Luther is the strong sense of community. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she'll be studying in Nottingham, England!

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Waiting in line to see Avengers: Infinity War! It was such a good movie. :)
Getting some ice cream from the Sugar Bowl is always a good idea, in my opinion. ;)
One of the dances from Dancing with the Luther Stars! I think this one was definitely a crowd favorite.

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