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What a Week!

What a week. Somehow, nothing much happened, but it was crammed full. It went so fast, but felt so slow. I suppose this may just be an effect of the imminent end of the semester, a mere six weeks away (each of which I am certain will speed by more rapidly than the last). With an eye towards precisely this, I spent a lot of time this week considering my future, thinking about volunteering with AmeriCorps, and deciding that I don’t want to work at a marketing firm.

It hasn’t helped that the weather has been wild. We opened the week with snow on the ground, got a gorgeous taste of spring on Wednesday, and now lightening is flashing in the evening sky as some sort of snowy thunderstorm of the century rolls in. Personally, I am convinced that winter never intends to leave.

Meanwhile, I spent the first couple days of the week (not to mention the whole weekend and week before) tirelessly perfecting my Pompeiian house project. I think it came out really well, but one paper gets turned in and three more take its place: at the moment, I need to start another Pompeii paper, revise my senior paper draft, and begin work on my final project for Syntax. Uf!

Not to mention that all this was happening during the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the Christmas season, the annual National Library Week book sale at Preus Library. This sale is easily my favorite thing about Luther College because it is a great opportunity for a person to get a massive amount of literary material for peanuts. In the first place, old library books that have been dropped out of circulation are set out on tables, and then these are supplemented with community donations. The best part is that the prices decline daily, and on Friday, it’s a clearing house, so you can nab as many books as your arms can carry for a buck. A buck!

My finest finds at this year’s sale have been an 1878 edition of Grey’s Anatomy (no, not the TV show), and Eminent Men of Letters Who Flourished in the Reign of King George III. That’s one mouthful of a title, but the amazing part is that it was published in 1846. I must report that it is a real experience to pick up a book nearly as old as the Civil War.

To finish things off, this evening I attended a bit of campus theater. SPIN Theatre Company (Luther’s student-led theater organization) put on a show of Selections from ‘The Private Lives of the Master Race’. This grim play took a selection of vignettes from Bertolt Brecht’s longer work to portray life in the expanding totalitarianism of the 1930s in Germany. Like any theatrical work at Luther, it was well worth attending.

This week has seen me chilled, warmed, and doused by rain; turn in a project, start three more; buy a couple dozen books; watch a play about the Nazis; and so much more. No wonder it has felt a little packed!

The ground was snowy when the week began.
Working on my house poster.
Finally, a little bit of weather warm enough for frisbee.
Perusing the selection in Preus.
A gray and barren stage for a grim play.
Snow, sleet, and hail greet me this morning.

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