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Spring Break and Snow

It’s spring break! Time to pack up and hit the road! Where am I off to? Florida? Mexico? The Bahamas? Fargo?

Wait! Fargo? Who would go to Fargo for spring break? There’s still snow up there! Well, it turns out that I have, and I can confirm that the weather sure isn’t sunny or warm. Actually, I prefer it this way; too much sun is too much sun, after all. In fact, the only place I’ve ever traveled to and couldn’t stand was Barcelona, where it was just too bright and cheerful all the time.

Anyways, how have I ended up in North Dakota? My friend Jeffrey was gracious enough to invite me and our other friend Marcella to visit his home for break. Before we even got there, though, we had to layover in the Cities so that I could give a couple of job interviews. I was suffering from a nasty cold, unfortunately, and my voice was mostly missing in action, so they didn’t go as well as I hoped. Oh well, even if these fall through, I’m still optimistic about the future.

After I finished selling my experience, we hit the road heading north. A few hours later, we arrived at Jeffrey’s home, deep in the back country of Minnesota. We spent a couple of days playing Monopoly, drilling ice fishing holes, and playing with his dogs. Yesterday morning we lit out for the border and crossed into Fargo where we are staying at his sister’s apartment.

How would I describe Fargo? Unassuming. There’s not much in the way of skyscrapers, no hectic traffic, and all in all, it’s a quiet city. Of course, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had a good time while we’ve been here. One of the first things we did upon arrival was visit Jeffrey’s brother at NDSU. He's a graduate student there. We toured the lab where he works, and we got to learn a little bit about the buffalo fish. He has discovered that this threatened creature can live to be nearly one-hundred years old.

We have also gotten to eat some fantastic food: delicious pizza, yummy tacos, decadent burgers, and I made my first trip to HuHot, the all-you-can-eat Mongolian grill. We visited a massive Scheels, too (this is the company’s home turf, after all). There’s a Ferris Wheel inside, as well as wax statues of every president. We visited a vintage store, stopped in a coffee shop, and generally got the dime tour from Jeffrey.

Today we are headed back to the lake so that we can be with Jeffrey’s family for Easter. All told this has been my most enjoyable spring break (even if it has been a little snowy).

We spent the morning making a giant snowman.
An intense game led to heightened emotions.
Jeffrey took us to visit his old high school.
The Scheels Ferris Wheel.
We woke up to snow in Fargo.
We went out to dinner with Jeffrey's sister, Molly.

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