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1440 Musical

The 1440 Minute Musical by Spin Theatre is fairly new to Luther. The first 1440 production was three years ago and there has been a 1440 production every year since then. Not only do you only have 24 hours to put on a musical production, you are unaware of what the musical will be or what part you will get. When we had auditions the week before, we were given six musical options and one would be chosen by the end of the week. While it was frustrating not knowing what we would be performing, it was also very exciting.

The Spin executive board told us to arrive at the CFA at 7:00 p.m. on Friday. We were all anxious to hear what the show was going to be. Once everyone was there, they announced that the musical was going to be Camp Rock. I was so excited because that was the musical that many of us wanted to perform! We all erupted with applause and cheers. After they assigned our roles, we immediately began the rehearsal process.

I was busy for most of the 24 hours we had. When I wasn’t in rehearsal, I was practicing my lines or working with others on the choreography. We were handed a schedule of rehearsal times and places in the CFA. I followed the schedule closely and made sure I payed attention. However, being attentive is incredibly hard when you are sleep deprived. It took me a long time to learn everything but I made sure to do my best throughout the process. We eventually pulled what we had together and gave a pretty good performance!

My favorite part about the 1440 musical was the friendships that I made. Because we were all together for 24 hours straight, the cast and I became very close and learned a lot about each other. I even became closer to the people I already knew. I intend on keeping the friendships I made for a long time. Overall, if you are looking for a way to perform in a show without attending rehearsals for weeks and want to meet really amazing people, I highly recommend performing in the 1440 musical!

Tamar Tedla

Tamar Tedla

Tamar is a sophomore from Saint Paul, Minnesota studying Social Work and Sociology. She is incredibly involved on campus, paricipating in SAC Concerts, SAC Cinema, SAC Events, Black Student Union, PRIDE, Choir, Vocal Jazz, Beautiful Mess, Active Minds, and theatre. When she graduates, Tamar would like to work with people with disabilities, and hopefully own a cat.

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The 1440 musical this year was Camp Rock and it rocked!

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