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A Walk Through Ylvisaker

If you're thinking about coming to Luther next fall, one major decision you'll have to make is deciding where to live. There are three first-year residence halls, Ylvisaker, Olsen, and Brandt. Although all are great choices, I'm here to talk about my residence hall: Ylvisaker.

Ylvisaker (Il-vuh-soccer) or as we call it, Ylvi (Ill-vee) is often regarded as the residence hall for first-year athletes. However, non-athletes also live in Ylvi, so it is a common misconception! Ylvisaker is adjacent to Valders Hall of Science and Sampson Hoffland Laboratories, so if you're interested in studying medicine, psychology, science, or physics, you're in luck!

On the first floor, where I live, there are a plethora of student-athletes from every major sport. The different sports teams are clustered together, for example, the basketball team is all on one side of Ylvi, and the football players are on the other, with everyone else grouped in between.

Although the different teams are separated, the floor is united by a great sense of community, which is another aspect I enjoy about living in Ylvi. Everyone in Ylvi is connected to each other in one way or another through the common bond that athletics brings. Everyone seems to know eachother and gets along exceptionally well.

Regarding the rooms, they are slightly smaller than the ones in Brandt or Olsen Hall. However, for what they lack in size, they make up for it in flexibility. I have seen several ways that students have organized the dressers, desks, and beds in Ylvisaker. I can't explain it, but the specific dimensions of an Ylvisaker room seem to make all of the furniture fall perfectly into place.

When it comes to studying, Ylvisaker has study rooms on all four of its floors, plus a large, communal study lounge on the main floor. I do all of my studying in the main study lounge, due to its peaceful environment.

As a student athlete, one of the main draws to living in Ylvisaker is the close proximity to the Regents Center. It's just down the hill, so the trip to practice or workouts is a breeze. Moreover, Ylvi is a stone's throw away from the student union building, which is very convenient when going to eat, or picking up packages. When I arrived on campus last fall, I was very thankful for this accessibility to the mailroom!

This has been a walkthrough of Ylvisaker. When it comes to first-year residence halls, you can't go wrong picking Brandt or Olson. However, I wholeheartedly recommend Ylvisaker if you plan to be a student athlete or just are a fan of its vicinity to the two science buildings!

A shot of Sampson Hoffland Laboratories and Valders Hall of Science from Ylivsaker's front lawn.
Ylvi's spacious main lounge, where I spend a good chunk of my time studying.

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