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Spring into the New Semester!

Hi, everybody!

The new semester started last week at Luther. It brings with it a new schedule of classes, meetings, and more to get used to!

I'm taking Research Methods, Family Communication, Math in Our World, and Norwegian 102 this spring. Plus, I'll still be in varsity band and taking saxophone lessons.

I'm excited to get to take more communications classes again. After this semester, I'll only need to take two more communications classes and do my senior project. Then, I am done with my major classes! That's crazy to think about.

Norwegian should be a fun time again...it was definitely one of my favorite classes last semester. I'm looking forward to learning more about the culture and the language.

And math... Honestly, I am quite worried about how math is going to go this semester. The last math class that I took was algebra 2, during my junior year of high school. That was...about 2 1/2-3 years ago, since we only had to take it for one semester.

I have struggled with math of most kinds for as long as I can remember. Thus, I have been dreading the semester that I would finally have to get the quantitative general education requirement done.

Hence, why I didn't take any math last year—and instead opted to take a lot of classes for my major. ;) In hindsight, waiting longer to get the class done wasn't the best idea...but I'll blame it on my freshman naiveness.

We're only a few days in, but I'm already pretty stressed about math, especially. It's probably a combination of the amount of time it's been since I last opened a math textbook, plus my previous difficulty with the subject. I can already tell that the semester is going to be challenging.

So, I put aside any nervousness/hesitations I may have had about the idea, and signed up for a SASC tutor! I have my first meeting next week. Here's hoping that it helps me get through this semester with at least a decent grade!

Going off of that, here's one of my big points that I hope you take away from this week's post. Take advantage of the resources that are available to Luther students on campus! They're there to help you be successful, and most of them are free!

Besides the stress of math, my communications classes are the first upper level classes (300's) that I have taken for my major. That makes me a bit nervous, knowing that they're most likely going to be more difficult classes than I've been used to up to this point. I feel like my previous communications courses have prepared me well, though. So, hopefully these ones will go well, also. :)

Well that's about all from me! Make sure to tune in next week for a "Luther Look" about Norwegian at Luther! :)  

Amber Sorenson

Amber Sorenson

Amber is a junior from Newton, Iowa. She is majoring in communication studies and minoring in anthropology and Nordic Studies. Along with blogging for Luther admissions, she also works for Media Relations. She plays alto saxophone in Varsity Band and is the crew captain for Love Your Melon. One of her favorite things about Luther is the strong sense of community. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she'll be studying in Nottingham, England!

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Here's one of the new pictures I got printed for my wall in my room, of my friend Evelyn's cats. I figured having it close by my desk to look at might help relieve some stress or something during the semester. :)
Here are some of my books for communications classes during the spring semester.

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